Cafe Menu Covers

Inexpensive Vinyl Custom Menu Covers
Leather Menu Collage

Branding is critical for any business, large or small. Cafe Menu Covers allows you to have the look and feel you want in a menu without a huge investment.

Made from a high-grade clear vinyl and durable stitched bindings, we can customize this product to match your decor and menu size. We are very flexible on the quantities for cafe menu covers. If you need to start with as little as 25 we are here to accommodate you.

Cafe Menu Covers

Customize your own menu cover by printing your own menu, menu goes inside the vinyl sleeves, single panel, to multi-panel, protects the printed pages, easy to clean, inexpensive, interchangeable, low minimum quantity (25), chefs can change the menu every day if they want, binding can be any color, color to match the decor colors, vinyl with stitched material.

If you are looking for an inexpensive menu cover that offers flexibility, customization, and ease of use, our Cafe Menu Covers offer a wide range of uses as well as colors, sizes, and panels. Typically, these menu covers are found in casual dining restaurants that need to protect their menus by providing a barrier for spills and offer an easy cleaning surface. They are perfect for restaurants that need the ability to print their own menus.

Save money by designing and printing your menus in-house. You can also keep with a minimalist look of just text and offer a very elegant finished product for a great deal  less than other options. If you do not have a graphic designer and would like our help, we can suggest designers that will develop a very attractive menu that you can print on your own.

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  • Inexpensive
  • Interchangeable
  • Personalized Page Inserts
  • Low Minimums (25)
  • Easy To Clean
  • Multitude of Options
  • High Grade Durable Vinyl Material
  • Quality Construction
  • Resistent to Spills
  • Readily Available


  • Small Cafes
  • Coffee Houses
  • Mexican Restaurants
  • Chinese Restaurants
  • Diners
  • Daily Chef Inspired Menus


  • Protect Safety Rules Around Equipment
  • Convenient On-Hand Instruction Diagrams
  • Area Maps and Building Layout
  • Emergency Evaluation Procedures

cafe menu covers