Desk Mats and Blotters

Custom Designed Products for Hotels and Conference Rooms

Desk Mats and Blotters

Luxury hotels need a way to protect their furniture from marks and scratches. Desk mats and blotters provide a level of protection and elegance to both guest rooms as well as check-in desks, and meeting rooms.

Desk mats and blotters can be designed for all sorts specific purposes. Check-in desks use blotters to separate stations and to give guests a surface to right on. Meeting and board rooms use desk mats and blotters to create positions for attendees with convenient desk accessories and pen holders and note pads, while protecting the conference room table surface and creating a surface easy to right on. Desk mats and blotters also provide a convenient protective surface for delivering meals while in a conference room setting.

Both desk mats and blotters can be constructed with compartments, for pen, paper clips, and notepad holders and more. Leather is the primary material used because of its versatility and durability and backed with a non-skid material. These classic pieces can be coordinated with other desk accessories and debossed for added branding.


Desk Mats and Blotters

  • Protect the desk
  • Luxury brand hotels – protect the furniture
  • Blotters – front desk – divide stations and sections – makes it easy to right on
  • Corporate board rooms – blotters
  • Shape and construction can be customized from logos to pen holders and boxes
  • Non-skid material
  • Boardrooms can be used for dining on.
  • Blotter with paperclip place – desk organizer

Pen Holders

  • Coordinate with desk accessories
  • Custom sizing and shapes

Note Box and Pad Holders

  • Used in the room primarily
  • Nightstand pedestal notepad holder
  • Meeting room for taking notes
  • Weighted to deter people from taking them

Custom Portfolios – writing paper

  • Want to give them away to certain guests or clients
  • Corporate board rooms
  • Meeting rooms
  • They can be branded for groups, companies, or hotels

25 quantities to start
Start small and increase quantities if so choose

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